"In our opinion, The One Academy is acknowledged
as the most exceptional international creative art institution!"

"We concur that The One Academy's creative education and industry-driven teaching methods that had produced
extraordinary graduates with professional standards for the international creative industry! Well Done!"

The One Academy's Faculty Team

Andrew Gordon

Former Disney Pixar Animation Director
The One Academy
3D Animation Course Director

John Hughes

7-Time Oscar Winner for Best VFX & Sci-Tech
The One Academy
& JHI Film Visual Effects Course Director

Paul Marchand

Renowned Paris Fashion Designer
The One Academy
ESMOD Fashion Design Course Director

Walt Jones

Superman Returns and The Golden Compass Visual Effects Supervisor
Key Mentor and Educator for The One Academy
Visual Effects Apprentice Programme


The Hobbit 1, 2 & 3 Movie & Game Concept Artist
The One Academy
Movie & Game Art Course Director


Asia’s Distinguished Digital Media Designer
The One Academy
Digital Media Design Course Director

Huat Lim

Renowned International Architect
The One Academy Consultant & Professional
Lecturer for Interior Architecture & Design

Susanne Zeidier

UK Established Architect Specialising in
Interior Design

The One Academy Industry Professional
Lecturer for Interior Design Programme


Nationally Recognised Fine Artist
The One Academy
Fine Arts Department Head

Global employers
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  • Digital Animation with Game Development

  • Illustration, Movie & Game Art

  • Interior Design

  • Advertising & Graphic Design

  • Digital Media Design

  • Fashion Design & Pattern Making